Apostoli Daniele


Saildoor a new concept of industrial closure unique in terms of aptitudes and performances; it is mainly designed for reality as airports, shipyards, industrial buildings that need big doors with high wind resistance, durability and easy maintenance.

Sail door is our new high-speed rapid fold-up door; it can be installed without problems in the place of the standard doors but, compared to them, Saildoor has several advantages including:

– Very high wind load resistance:
class 5 according to the European EN 12424 standard.
– Low energy consumption
– High speed opening/closing system
– The materials do not suffer thermal-shock and weather conditions.
– Motors placed on the floor to facilitate maintenance
– Small overall dimensions
– Small shipment volumes
– Fast Installation
– Patented System

Apostoli Daniele is a leading company in design and manufacture of closures and industrial coverings.

Since 1959, the Company provides a wide selection of products for residential, public and industrial areas.

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